Instagram: All About Utilizing it for Businesses

Utilize Instagram for Businesses

Today, many e-tailers are going to Instagram visual content platform. It makes more persuasive effect on visitors because of the visual effect it causes. The following ways would be useful.

Post high quality photos of products

Instagram is solely a visible platform where photographs are the prime tools of promoting product/services. Its followers like good photographs of products. And ecommerce stores can publish good quality photos of high resolution of their products to utilize the power of visual content platform.

Instagram: All About Utilizing it for Businesses

This high quality pics will usually bring in more followers too, but if that is not going fast enough you should have a look at our homepage where you can learn how to get 1k followers on Instagram fast.

Encourage customers to post their photos with your products
By using customers to promote is an effective way because they are unlike ad models and they are real customers endorsing the product. This is likely enhance trust and credibility of your brand.

Use Hashtags

Instagram has the feature of Hashtags. This is an advantage because it helps connect the followers to the brand as part of their marketing strategy.

Give participants more opportunity

Respond to users positively – those who post photos endorsing your brand with hashtag, by tagging your brand to continue the relation between brand and the consumer real and commit for buying future.

Conduct contests

Contests are an effective way engaging your customers on social media platform including Instagram. Use platforms such as Offerpop or Iconosquare, and ask your customers to post their photos. Use a hasttag that is specific to the contest.

Celebrate festive occasion

Connect with customers using to create positive response from user during festive seasons. Examples New Year Day, Thanksgiving day, and so on.

For new products

When new products are coming to be offered at your ecommerce store, remember to post their images in Instagram.

Showcase products in lifestye photos

Using lifestyle photos that depict real life situation is an effective way of leveraging Instagram. This is so because it gives potential customers how to their brand products.

How often to post

Make sure you post photos on Instagram. A conventional rule is to post photos a small number of times a day. Some businesses post photos as often as they wish within an hour.

Make sure the photos are of excellent quality. Check the response of users. Monitor the number of followers regularly.

Though Instagram is only a photo sharing platform, both small and large companies use it equally to enhance their sales. Making users post content is a powerful and authentic way of promoting your brand, and acquiring new customers.

Author: Jimmie Grover

Hey there, I am Jimmie Grover and I'm 30 years old. I was born in Ottawa, Canada and my occupation is Social Media coach!